Wednesday, August 5

SIck - Again?!

I hate to be sick. I am so weak now. Yesterday I took MC again. I don’t want to but I have no strength to work. The day before, I went to work. I knew that my throat is started to get itchy symptoms. My head was getting heavy, a little cough, my eyes were tired. I told my HR manager that I might go to see the doctor next day. She says why not I go on the same day after work so that I won’t affect my work the next day. Therefore, I dragged myself to the Clinic Mediviron. A 5 minutes walk from my work place. I feel extremely not well. I waited for around 20 minutes for my turn. When it’s my turn, I went in, sit, look at the doctor. WAIT, why this doctor so old? He is not the same guy I came last week. Anyway, I let him examine me. Old man is old man. He does not trust the high-tech facilities. He took the don’t-know-what thingy to put near my ear to check for fever. He says it’s terrible. That machine does not really work. He is right. Because that thingy says I am not fever. So the doctor took out his wallet and took don’t-know-what thingy to put on my forehead to measure my fever and YES, I am FEVER!! Then, he goes. Started to grumble this and grumble that. Then he asked me a few questions that he said

“Girl, I think you better go to the hospital.”

I chuckled.

“Hey girl, it is better to go to the hospital.”

I just nod my head.

Then he asked “Flu?”

“Just now a little but now no, I think”

“GIRL, don’t say now no. You still need to eat the medicine. Don’t skip it.”

“ER…. Okay.”

“I will let you to rest. I give you MC. You want?”

“Er.. Can you give first? If I am alright then, I better go to work.”

“No No. You want then only I give. If not later your boss will laugh at me.”

“Huh? Okay then. I will take rest.”

What a NICE doctor.

Actually I don’t really want to take MC since I took last Friday and this coming Thursday I am going to MRI scan.

However, I took it already larrr.. That night I took the medicine and rest. It is a critical night. I was really sick. I feel like the body is not mine anymore. Difficult to breathe and so on. The next day, I woke up and wanted to go to work. But my body is too weak and also, no voice. So sad..

O’ Lord I pray that you will heal me fast.. AMEN

I’ve been easily get sick these few months. I am so numb with all the medicines I took. Whether it is for my back, my this my that till I really feel numb. YES! NUMB!

Tomorrow I will be going for the MRI scan and maybe go for H1N1 test to ensure I am okay since my facebook comments scare me today. I better go for the check up. Wish me lucks people! =)

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