Tuesday, July 28

Hero Crow!

I saw a dead crow today. It is so awful to see it. Nearby that dead crow there is another crow. That crow looks very sad. I think it must be that crow spouse. T.T I can imagine the situation is like that.


Crow A: Darling, where we want to go for food tonight?
Crow B: Honey, wherever you want I will follow.
Crow A: Darling, you are so good to me
Crow B: Honey, because I am your darling mar..

Crow A & Crow B fly together to find some food. Suddenly, when they want to land on the ground there is car driving very fast and almost knock down Crow A but Crow B quickly push Crow A aside and “BANG”… There goes Crow B..

So sad.. No wonder Crow A looks so sad just now.

Sorry for crapping today but I do really saw the crow and the another one looks so SAD!

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