Thursday, July 2

Letter to those important friends

I think I am not a good friend. Perhaps, I am not a friend at all. From schooling days till now, I always neglect those friends that are around me. I know how I behave last time. I know how bad I am to all the friends around me. Maybe due to there are lots of problems with me so I treat them like that. However, it should not be the reasons. Friends are something very precious and we should treasure them for our whole life. No matter what is going on, friends is still friends. Friends are forever. “Friends are friends forever”.

I should really apologize for those who I have hurt before especially in my secondary time. I really have neglected those friends. I am a selfish person. I always think of myself – not them. I always think that how bad they treat me but I never think of how bad I am. I am so sorry.

A letter to a true friend.

Dear Joanna,
I know how much I hurt you before. I am not a good friend. However, you never leave me when I am in troubles and always support me. You always being beside me especially in tough times. I never think of the good things you do. I always feel everyone is bad. Everyone hates me. I know you don’t. You did not record all my wrong doings. You still treat me as a friend. I remember you are the only one who raises your hand when teacher ask “Who is Sherina close friend?” Thank you so much for being a friend.

I feel so bad that I forgotten to wish you. I know its kind of late now. At least I still wish right? =) That day my phone out of credit. I wanted to wish you the next day once I reload but as you know; I was busy with the performance, event in Tropicana City Mall, and you know I was “a little bit” busy with chasing “someone” news. I know it should not be the reasons. So, it’s my fault. =p

Okay, Liew Kim Foong, Joanna

It’s great to know you this friend who is OLDER than me but looks SMALLER than me.

Happy Birthday to you,
You are born in a zoo,
You live with the guinea pig,
And you look like one too!


Cute eh? GUINEA PIG cute right? Just like the one Eng Yew gave you. Anyway, I hope we will have more times together. Hope we will still keep in contact! Remember! When you and Eng Yew tie the knot, invite me yea! I hope is soon. =)

Another letter to another friend

Dear Winnie Hoon Hui-Nie (Class monitor)

Winnie, you look very tough outside but I know you are not in the inside. I hope you will be strong for no matter is happening and going to happen. I know you are happy-go-lucky person that always make us so happy. As a monitor, you do it very great last time. No one can replace a monitor like you. At first, we always say bad things about you. However, after knowing you, you are good actually. Sorry for being so bad.

Happy belated birthday to you too. I really don’t know when your birthday is. I am so sorry. I hope you had a great birthday and I actually know you did. I’m not sure whether you will be reading this or not but just want to wish you.

Muacks muacks!

Signed off

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