Tuesday, June 30

A lesson I learned

You might be very healthy this minute but you might not breathe in the next minute.
My mom always tells me that life is unpredictable. She says that she might be talking to me this minute but, maybe, the next minute, she won’t be here anymore. Every time she says this to me, I can feel that my heart feels the pain. Who won’t? You know what I always God to do from last time when I am very young. I am very selfish person. I asked God not to let my mom die first. I want to be the one to die first. For I know I can’t live without my mom. She is the only one I have in my life. I rather die first. Sometimes, I hope I can die immediately better than to lose my mom. I know I am so selfish.
Actually what will happen to my mom if she loses me? It will be the same thing for her. She loves me way too much. She will be very sad too. She is so lonely after all and if one day I “go” first, I don’t know what will happen to her. But what can we do? Then I think of something. What if we die together? I think is a best way after all because if I “go” first, she will be very sad. If she “go” first, I will be very sad. So die together is best way for I only have her and she only has me. I am so foolish right? No matter what, we can’t control. It’s just God the one who can control everything. No matter how pain we are, we still need to take it.

Just like Michael Jackson passed away, I keep on thinking, why so suddenly? Why take his life when he just 50 and his upcoming concert are just in next month? Some people says he look healthy when they meet him, but still, now, he is already gone. That’s why life is really unpredictable. We never know what is going to happen in the next minute. I’ve been chasing his news everyday. Although he had gone but there are still ‘spectacular’ news about him. Although it is such a waste that the King of Pop is no longer in this world, but I think it is better for now. He can really have peace. No more problems, no more worried, no need to think to solve any problem. I felt pity with his three little children. They lost their father in a young age. However, they still need to face it and overcome it.

Here, I give my deepest condolence to the Jackson’s family. (Although I don’t know them and they don’t know me.)

It’s a lesson for me to learn. No matter what happens, I got to take it no matter how pain it is. God is the one in control. Death is not bad actually. Death brings peace too. But this not means going to commit suicide or whatsoever. But die naturally. God’s planning. Sometimes dieing is better than suffer in this world. Dieing also means you have accomplished your mission in earth and its time to go somewhere! *haha* (my theory la -not real de)

So everyone, use your day wisely. Do not do something will regret you and do not just sit there and day dreaming. What you want to do, do it while you can. You will never know what you will be in the next minute. It will be such a waste if you just think and do no action.

I think these few days I talked to much bout Michael Jackson. *hehe*
Yesterday, someone ask me “So you like Michael Jackson already. What bout Lee Hom?”
I can tell you that Michael Jackson is more talented. How he dance, how he sing. No one can replace him. As for Lee Hom, always my number one too! So I got two Number ONE!! =) Oh ya, I got 3 Number ONE in my heart actually..

Signed off - - - -

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