Tuesday, June 9

06.06.2009 Picnic (Part 2)

I’ve been too emo nowadays, am I? I read back this few weeks post, I feel that I am once again fall in the pit where I always used to be. I better change or else all my readers are gone! xD

Let’s post something happy!
06.06.2009 the youth, ONEyouth, went to Hutan Lipur Lentang for a picnic. =) For your information, it is located in between Bentong and Genting. (I think so) It is SO far from Puchong. You got to pass by Genting if you want to go there. Far huh?! I know. My mom even ask me “What?! So far?! Why must you guys go picnic at somewhere so FAR.”

We depart from our place after breakfast around 9.45a.m. I sit Gabriel’s car with Elisa and Chien Ling. First time I do not have any problem with long distance. I used to get car sick but that day I am so HEALTHY. =) The journey took around 2 hours to reach there due to jam and also waiting and go toilet. =.=” We reached there around 11 something and we start with a game. Splashing game. I know that game is a little bit too lame especially using that kind of umbrella, however, we do have fun! After the game, we eat some food. There are 20 people there but Elisa and Gabriel prepare more than that amount of Fried Mee. O.o Anyway, the mee is nice. Thanks sasa. =)

What I love the most was playing in the river. The water is so cold and so refreshing! I love it! However, I am so dumb. The first step I put in the river I fell. Ouch! My knee. Ouch.. So sad. Luckily there is someone beside me to support me. Thank you. But I am not sure who that is. I am so sorry. Please do let me know if you read this. =)

The river looks not clean but actually it is not dirty if you were in there. We “rendam” in the river for 2 hours I think. Hehe. We walked down the river then up again the sleep, lie down, and so much more. Oh ya, forgotten to ask Sheng Jian do the “u ga u ga”. =) He he.. Should took a picture of Sheng Jian lying.

What I can say for so far is, I love this trip. Hope more will come. And I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for those who came.

Thank You to:
1. Gabriel
2. Lai Ming
3. Jonathan (although he a little bit not so good because trying to over take Gab)
4. Uncle Chris
These are those who fetch all of us to the destination safely.

Thank You to:
1. Gabriel
2. Elisa
3. Lai Ming
4. Goh’s Family
5. and myself =p
These are those who prepared the food for all of us.

Thank You to:
1. Uncle Chris
2. Aunty Yeh Charn
3. Joel Goh
These are those who took care of our belongings when we were down there and took pictures of us.

Thank You to:

1. Lai Ming
2. Gabriel
3. Uncle Chris
4. Aunty Yeh Charn
5. Jonathan
6. Shirley
7. Sharon
8. Zhen Bi
9. Vivian
10. Jeriel
11. Joel Goh
12. Sheng Jian
13. Elisa
14. Sherina
15. Ying Yi
16. Joshua
17. Jason Loh
18. Michelle Loh
19. Rachel
20. Jasmine

Pictures will be upload soon after I get it. =)

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