Friday, June 12

Nothing much today

Yesterday was working in bumble bee and some of the youth came for practices included Jason Loh. It was kind of fun when Ying Yi, Jason and me was playing guitar, singing and playing piano for S.H.E songs. Although I am a little bit headache on that time but I manage to forget about it. The power of craziness. =) We should have more jamming session next time where Jason Loh can come over and we can find some Chinese or English songs to play together. Oh ya, Jason Loh love “One Way” by Planet Shakers. Next time if we invite him to church, we got to sing “One Way”! =)

Anyway, I am still sick! It’s INFLUENZA. FLU FLU FLU! Medicine could not cure me. Don’t know why! I am so frustrated now. Especially with this running nose and headache!

Oh ya, 1 more important thing. That day my heart beats very fast. VERY FAST. I was about to sleep, suddenly my heart beats very fast. Feel so not comfortable on that time. It happens a few times already. My colleague says I don’t only need a back check up. I need a WHOLE BODY check up. From the head till the toe.

-Going cell tonight-
-Want to practice guitar-
-Want to be the first “girl” guitarist in church-
-Want to improve my singing skill-
-Want to get a boyfriend soon- just joking. =p

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