Monday, June 29


It's 12.25a.m. now and I am still online. I am looking for Michael Jackson songs and videos. I really still can't believe Michael Jackson no longer in this world. Yesterday night, I watch his concert. I think is a very long time ago concert. I am stunned with the crowd. It looks like more than million crowds there. Everyone is crazy for him. I, myself, really very admired how he dance. His leg, his body, and so on. I just feel it such a waste he is no longer here. it such a waste that his 50 concert is starting soon but he can't perform. I know that if he still alive, it will be a blast! He is a great performer. He got his style. His moonwalk is really NICE! I hope that the tv will show morenews bout him! I really want to see! 


Anyway, this 2 days was in Tropicana City Mall performing. The songs that I sing is not so nice. I don't know why I can't sing properly. I feel so sad! I am not a good singer. haiz. T.T


miss you... 

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