Tuesday, June 9

Special Someone

Yesterday night I am a little bit too hyper. I could not sleep. I wanted to sleep earlier but I just feel so energetic. I told this person who I smsed with, that I really could not sleep. I don’t know why. It might because I slept early in the previous day. This person who smsed with me asked me to hug my “shroom” and sleep or xxxxx. All of the sudden, I really feel sleepy. =)

Why am I posting this? Just too random. I just want you to know it is good to have you be my side. Happy, sad, or angry you will be there. Even sleepy times! Heh heh. Without you my life will miss some colors. Like a rainbow that has only 6 colors. Not perfect.
Although no one is perfect.. =p
Only God!

I am crapping now. I am so bored! Tonight back to Bumble Bee. There goes my week.
Tuesday: Bumble Bee
Wednesday: Worship Practice
Thursday: Bumble Bee
Friday: Cell Group
Saturday: Working + Bumble Bee.
Oh no! Now my routine is back! Lack of sleep and I am sure my flu will stick with me if I am so tired! Ish Ish Ish!

I need a rest.. Rest In Peace. Haha

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