Wednesday, June 24

Gastric day!

It has been a very long time since I got a gastric. I remembered a few years back when I am still staying at Puteri 10, there are few months when the clock strike 7.00 p.m. everyday, my stomach will pain till I can’t move. I remember Wee Ric brought me to see doctor and bought me a bottle or two of apple juice that time. It has been a long time and I forgotten how pain is it. However, today I experience it once again. The feeling is just the same like last time. I really feel like crying in my office today. It almost kills me! All of this is because I did not eat for more than 24 hours! Yesterday lunch I took McD and I don’t feel eating actually. Yesterday night in bumble bee I was given “roti bakar” but I did not finish it. I think I just give a bite. Today whole day I did not put anything in my mouth except a couple of cups of milo. I really do not have any appetite to eat. Now, this leads me to the painfulness.
What makes me worst?
I am going to sing a song with darling CL this Sunday. I translated the lyrics and I really have no idea what to say. Like Gab say, I got to move on. So I will sing as loud as I can especially that song!!!!

The song name is wo zhi dao - BY2

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