Thursday, June 11

I got tricked today?! =)

Today, I was working in me office and there is a “Singh” came. I thought he is one of our supplier or something so I let him in. He asked me whether my boss is in the office. I say no. Anyway if my boss is in, I don’t think I will tell him too. He started to say that I look cheerful and happy-go-lucky person. In my heart I was saying no matter what you say I don’t care. Don’t try to read me because I won’t believe. In my heart, I keep repeating Jesus name. In my mind, only God knows what happening in my life. He continues to tell me that I look lucky! Then he asked for my full name. I just say “Sherina”. He asked me to write my name on a piece of paper. I followed what he says. Then he gave me a paper and put on my palm. I just take it without knowing what it is. Then he asked me to give him a number from 1-5. I gave him number 3. He said if the paper that he gave me is 3 then I will be very lucky. However, if is 2 or 4 then I am so BAD LUCK. I opened the paper and its number 3. He say.. “God bless you” He says that I am lucky again. Then he opens his diary and asked me to put the paper in the diary. I followed. Then, he says… “Put some money of faith”. =.=’’ I took a note of 5 but before I open my wallet he say “Please put at least RM20” Super sweat! I told him I do not have such number of money although I did have. I told him I can’t give him so much! He says then gives him a little bit. I put my RM5 in his diary. He asked me to put RM10. I say no. I can’t. Then he says okay. However, he still says I will be lucky. He says that I look cheerful outside but I am full of sorrow inside. Then he left.

Those who read this might say I am so dumb. Why would I give him the RM5? Why not just chase him away from the office? Sometimes people have no choice that’s why they need to do this. I know most of them cheat people. Like today, he came in and his only motive is money. I know it so clearly but I still give him the money. After gave him the money most probably I won’t be taking my lunch or maybe take something lighter. People might think why?! Why I sacrifice myself for him? It’s easy. Bless him with the RM5. Maybe this RM5 can help him to do something. I don’t think other people will give him any money. He might no business for today. Maybe he has no money with him. Maybe this Rm5 can save his life. Who knows? When I saw him pass by my office door just now, in my heart, I prayed, “God, please bless this person.”

I think I wasted RM12-13 while I worked here. First time is the one who says his motor got problem. I gave him RM5. Second time is the lady who claims she is a Christian and selling bookmarks for the poor. I think I gave her a few Ringgits. This is the third time –RM5. I hope no one come in again to ask money from me. I know I will give. I am so soft-hearted.

Giving is better than receiving? Yes!

Oh ya.. He showed me his card, he is from India. His name is Gobind Singh something. But he is not the one you guys think. =)

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