Monday, June 22

A day with hope!

Walking along the long road through the cool wind makes me feel refreshing today. It has been a long time since I can feel the air is cooling rather than the previous few weeks that it is always has been hot and polluted. The cool air makes me feel better after a day with so many misunderstandings around, frustrated, tired, wounded knees, a fall with wet jeans and shirt, bad vocal, back pain, walking with a not-function able shoes, headache and so on. What a bad Sunday I had?! One thing that I think is great for yesterday whole day is the worship. It is a great worship; unexpectedly.

Since today is a Monday and I had a great start, I would leave all the things behind and forget about everything that had and has happened and happening in my life. I would not think about anything else – for now. I would not care anyone for thinking who I am anymore. I am a little bit too tired all over this matter. It’s always been my fault and always it will relate to my background. However, I will just care not this small matter that always stressed me out. Everything is over now. A brand new start is starting now.

Thanks JG for being so kind of you for doing me a favor. Although I am not sure you succeed to help me or not but you say you will try your best. Besides, thanks for helping me to explain what is really going on and I hope you will always remind me to not to do something that I should not do for I am a soft-hearted person like E says although I am not sure whether I am soft-hearted like E says. Anyway, you don’t really hate me after all. Thanks for saying I am not “that kind of girl”. =) We are the psychologist. =)

Here, I would like to say that I prefer to be “alone”. It is not the right time for anything for I am going to study soon (if possible). I still want to enjoy my “lonely” life.If God say it is the right time to not be “lonely” then it’s a different story. For now, I want to focus on work and my new plan. I just want everyone to know that I prefer this way better than anything else.

Oh ya, I will make myself to wake up earlier every morning to read the bible. I think this is the most important thing for me now! No more late sleep and no more wakes late. =)

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just a thought of me when I walking down the road today morning. I hope no offence to anyone here. Thanks.

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