Thursday, May 14

teehee.. xD

Okay. I got two things to blog for today!

First! To someone very special!

Thank you for giving me the mushroom on Sunday! =) <3

It mario mushroom but I like it.. I am thinking where to put this cute mushroom. teehee... xD

Thank you for being such a wonderful sis all the time. Throughout these years, having you as a friend of mine, I am really very glad that God placed me in this church. =)

you know who you are.... *the ms stars & ms dolphin*

Secondly! To someone very old. xD =) You turn 23.. YOU know, 23.. 20 +3?? 30-7?? haha..

haha.... Anyway, Kor Happy birthday yea... God will always bless you abundantly! xD

lalala.... lalalal..... Ahem... Happy birthday....

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