Wednesday, May 27

My life will go on (2)

Woke up earlier today to go office earlier due to there is too many things are waiting for me. However, reach there around 8.40 a.m. so it’s not so early after all. Manage to key in all the leaves and doing filing later. Uhhhh.. ROUTINES. Just like what I said yesterday. Ish Ish. I have no idea actually what I want to do?! What is not a routine for me? I have no direction for now.

Being a little bit emo this few days. Maybe because of sick, back ache, leg muscle pain, tooth pain, sore throat and, and, so on. Ish Ish.. Sick and sick and sick. I am really sick of it. Sometimes I will ask what will happen if I am going to die soon? What will happen to people around me? Where will I go? Heaven or Hell? What will happen to the people I care? My friends. Will they feel sad? Or they don’t care? I know, I know, I am being so foolish here asking this kind of question but what if I am really dying soon? Nobody knows.

Perhaps I am just thinking too much. Being too serious this week.
Hope something or someone will make me happy.
Wait… Perhaps.. Tomorrow I will be happy..

Going to x-ray tomorrow. What a coincidence! =)

P/S: Elyssa, if you can’t comment in chat box.. Try to refresh it a few times.. My blog cacated, I think. Or.. Put comment there ba.. =p

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