Saturday, May 23

Back! =)

Hey! I am back.
Sorry for lack of updates! I think I was away for more than one week.
I was sick and also, I have nothing to blog about. You know, I am a person that easily lost inspiration. When something inspired me, I can blog, blog, and blog.

Anyway, maybe I will post a few posts today..

As I said earlier.. I was sick and... I am still sick. T_T yea.. Having back pain this few weeks. I have no idea what is happening to my back. I was on MC for 3 days. T_T I am so sorry for making everyone worry about me. I feel so guilty but in the same time I am thankful that there are still friends around me to support me when I am really down. Oh ya.. Nevertheless, my mother. She is very super duper worry about me! Sorry Mom! =.(
I will go for x-ray by next week.. *Hopefully* So people please pray that this back is okay.. Haiz.. There the $$ goes.. I am dead for this month and next month again! Ish Ish Ish!! Having sore throat now! I think due to LOL too much in CG yesterday with the crazy girls.. Yea! Yesterday the guys are sane and the girls are insane. =)

Youth is a place for me to find happiness. Without them I don't know what I will be. However, this few weeks I was very afraid! I am afraid that one day the Youth will just separate in their own ways. The youth is no more the youth. It is so pain to see people leaving one by one. I don't want this to happen but yet I know it will happen if we don't change. Actually I want to say sorry to the leaders for the mother's day lunch. The youth is too close to each other and we did not open to others. We sit with the youth and talk together. Giving excuses. I am so sorry.
Last time we were asked to concern bout each other, talk to each other. It is a very hard task to do it. Now, we can't separate because we want to talk and talk and talk to each other. Now, it is a very difficult task to ask us to stop. Very funny...

I don't know what to say or do now. I just can pray and ask God.

You ask me why
Why I am so different?

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