Sunday, May 31

Just a post from my room =p

Hello! I am here blogging in my room using laptop! Not mine. =) Internet also not mine. All different from different people!
Anyway, I was keying the database but end up using 3 hours to just key in 40 details. This is because discussing bout what song we are singing for next month. Wasted a lot of time. T.T
Sometimes I would prefer to lock myself up from everyone else because I think no matter how close you and your friend or your family is there will be times where disagreements occurs. And, it always makes me feels not right. Not to say I want them to agree with me each time but at least understand my feelings and my way of thinking. They can always give their opinions to me but seems that they just shoot you without giving you any back door. I just feel so not right. I always try to help as much as I can but people always see me with different pairs of eyes. Let thy past be thy past isn’t it? But why people always dig out my past?!

I just want a simple life. Just a very simple life, can I? I feel I have nobody with me. I know I should not say this but I really feel that especially today.

Who am I to advise people around me for I am a person who need advises too?
I really got to change my attitude! I've been too busybody now. =.=
I just feel tired and want to let go. Let it go ba.

Sherina, do your part! That's enough! Remember! God will make a way when there seems to be no way! He works in ways we cannot see!
He will make a way for me. =)

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