Thursday, May 7

My heart will go on

You say you gave me your heart
You say I crush it
You say you are hurt
You say and you say and you say

Where's the heart that I have been waited for so long,
Once, I thought it is given to me but yet it is not
Once, it almost reach my hand but YOU snatch it away and
give it to someone else.

How many times my hope breaks
How many times my heart breaks
How many time I breaks
When can this breaking stop?

First time - my heart breaks into just tenth pieces
I can easily pick it up and put it together.

Then - my heart breaks into hundred pieces
It is painful to pick it one by one to put in back together
Yet I did it because of YOU
and I remind myself not to get hurt again

Again - my heart breaks into thousand pieces
I really wanted to just let this heart to be just like that
I have no strength to pick it and put it together
Yet, I do it for YOU.
I pick it up carefully make sure I am not hurt by the small pieces that will cut me

Now - my heart breaks into million pieces
I have no strength and afraid to pick it up this time
I have no strength because I picked up too many times
I am afraid because this tiny pieces will cuts me and hurt me more.
I am afraid because this heart will break again

My heart breaks because I waited your heart for too long
My heart breaks because your heart did not reach me
My heart breaks because your heart always go for the other person
My heart breaks because your heart will never come to me

You said that if I want the heart I will get it
But how long I waited that heart to come?
You said You said and You said and I am NUMB now

However, my heart will go on now.... by myself....

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