Thursday, February 20


Because of my stubbornness,  I fall sick.  I never been this sick before. I thought that I can overcome this sickness but I was wrong. When the doctor was so serious and look at me, I know I am very sick.  He asked me why do I still go to work even when I have high fever already for 3 days.  I did not answer. 

I really thought that I can still manage my job. I wanted to clear off my job before I take my mc. I know that I have so many things that I haven't do. I know that people around me is chasing things.  I know that my boss is not happy with how I work. That's why I want to clear everything before I sick. But who am I to control when I get sick and when I don't. I am a stubborn person.  I went to work although I know how sick I am. Ended up I get worst and the work that I tried to do, I messed it up. So I left more mess for my bosses.
What happen to me is even worst. I can't even get up from my bed for 1 and a half day. Mom was so worried and nag me about my work. She ask me to give up this work if this is what happen to me. I couldn't eat for that 3 days. For the sake of taking medicine,  I have to force myself to eat tasteless biscuits with milo. I can't even finish the biscuit and milo. I know mom is angry with me. But I just can't eat. She can't do anything but just continue serving me biscuit and milo when the time to take medicine comes. 

Luckily now I am feeling better. Of course not completely recover but at least can manage to disguise. Told mom that I am much more better than I am now. Doesn't want her to worry and stop me from going to work.

Why am I so stubborn?  Sherina, stop being so stubborn.  No one will understand and appreciate. . .

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