Thursday, May 27

Our pics is here

Went to One Utama with Amelia, Lynette and Joseph last Saturday =)
Took a few photo. Enjoy. xD

Wao~ Nice bodyline. xD

Amelia is trying to squeezzeee my Bf "BREAST"

"I want nobody nobody but you"

"What's up?"




In Wong Kok Char Chan Teng


My face look retarded

-sleeps on you-


Waiting for bus to go back. He accompany me because Mommy demanded him to do so? xD I am freaking-ly retarded that day and took a lot of randoms shots. WE laughed till our stomach cramp~

So... I am quite retarded... xD


[C]raB said...

Goodness I now only realize u got bf == apa ni.

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

lol.. u too busy ma.. got a lot things u donno a.. if give me oone day talk with u also not enuf.. =)

[C]raB said...

Then get one day we 55 catch up?

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

Yesh.. we must ! =) been a long time since we met.. LOL.. n oh yea... i moved to USJ now..

[C]raB said...

Far a bit! How's college/uni?

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

College ok ok lor... Still working hard on study and working..