Friday, May 21

Happy One Month

It's our first month tomorrow.

You've prove to me that I did not chose a wrong person.
Everyone told me that you are so good, so kind and I am lucky to have you.
Am I?

I am! You are so good to me. I am touched with everything you did for me.
  • Rolling my jeans when it is raining middle of the road.
  • Help me to put anti-septic cream on my toe when it is bleed.
  • Comfort me when I am sad.
  • Sms me everyday
  • Hug me everyday =)
  • Spend time with me when you have time
  • Watch movie with me
  • Never scold me
  • "Tahan" me for my scolding..
  • Listen to me
  • so more
  • and
  • more...
You are so good to me. I hope I am good to you too but I don't know. You need to tell me if I need to change..

Happy One Month Anniversary

It might just one month for people out there.
But it meant a lot for me...

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