Thursday, February 5


Was talking with a friend yesterday and he asked me what type of guy I like...
I asked myself and I can't get a answer.

I don't need a boyfriend that are super rich, handsome, and so on. But, I just can't figure which type of guy I like for now. For past experience, the type of the guy that I like is all different. All sorts of type. For now?! Let's see..

Criteria of a guy.. LOL..
1. A good boy
2. Not too good boy
3. Not a super nerd type
4. Not a playboy
5. A caring boy
6. Not over caring boy
hahaha.... LAME.. I don't think I can find a bf now... LOL

Okayyyyy... I just need a guy who is a STRONG CHRISTIAN, who can take care of me, who can accept everything of me; my background, my life, my mood swings (xD),,,, love my mom, can listen to me, can give me advise, can give me a hug when I need it and and and and just love me....

Is it hard to find?! Its okay, I don't need a boyfriend urgently.. People around me need me to have a boyfriend; my mom, my bro and someone. For me, I am having fun with my single life now...

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