Saturday, August 14

I don't want this

You know, I always want to write my own better thoughts in a new blog. However, this blog seems like it's my life. I wanted to delete it for a lot of times but I never do so. Why? Maybe it is my life. Every time a new blog created, I told myself, leave this blog and go for a better one. However, instead of leaving this blog, I left the new blog. Deleted the new ones again and again. Why am I so tied up wit this blog? Because I pen down too much of my feelings here? Because I can't let go the people I used to mention here? I don't know. Perhaps everything is the reason.

I am asking myself. Should I just delete this and go for a new one and make it better. Perhaps I should. I'll leave this blog for another month and I promise to delete it next month. Or maybe, earlier like soon? Haha..

Maybe this is the last post of this blog.


Life College

For those who knows me, I am currently studying.. Wait. I mean before July, I was studying in Life College and now I am no longer tied to Life College. Well, further elaboration? Asked someone else you know about it. We were asked to transfer to Segi College in yesterday meeting. Well, Segi huh? Let me see. Can I really have a chance to be there? Well, I have no idea. Let God decide for me. I really have no idea whether I can or I can't. 3 times hope crushes like nobody business. 3 times I was asked to study. But can you see that my hope gone again this time.

Just a semester and.. TADA... We have to go. The relationship with the great people might just gone.. 3 months with my classmates. They are so GREAT.. They are so LOVEABLE. They loves me and cares for me. And yesterday is the day where I know that I might not be with them anymore. Why? Cause I might not be able to study like the others. Why? Cause of my financial status. Tears roll down to my cheeks. No one can ever see it. I hide it.
I laughed with them yesterday. I talked with them yesterday. Just like nothing happen. However, ..... speechless..

Hey, If I can't be with you guys, REMEMBER this, You guys are great! God bless all of you

p/s: I fell from stairs last week.. Or the week before and I can't walk. Haha.. If you want to see my injured leg .. see here

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