Friday, July 16

Out with the rest

These two weeks was very stress with exam for first semester finals. Thank God that I've a group of friends that can make me feel better. Those are hard times for me and I was so busy until I don't have time to even touch my blog. =( How sad right?! Yea, I know.

Monday was my first paper and guess what? I slept at 1 o'clock in the morning and woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning to read the notes. I am not last minute study okay, just that I am very nervous for it is my first time after all the years. I don't even know what is exam already. Now I gotta feeling. =) Need to get used to it and do my best. Monday was so terrible until I broke down and cried till I can't breathe. Friends around are so worried about me even Mom is like super upset with me for crying. She said that I am too stress for my exam. She can see after I start my semester I am very stress. She ask me to cool down and be calm during the exams. Friends around is giving me support too. Thank God~

Anyway, before the exam week, I went out with the college mates to 1 Utama to watch Despicable Me! It's so cute! Like it very much

"It's so fluffy. I am going to die."
"It's so FLUFFY!"
quote by Agnes in Despicable Me.

Straight after the exam, we went to The Curve Redbox for.. Yea, you should know by then. It is unforgettable and priceless moments I have.

Those are the pictures.

Before Exam

After Exam

Thank guys for the fun..

Leong, Amelia
Lim, Patricia
Ngion, Lionel
Tan, Joseph
Kong, Andrea

I hope more to come.